We are always one decision away from living our best life

“We are always one decision away from living our best life” https://www.facebook.com/groups/FitlivinginFive/ You have probably read this; you have probably heard this before; but what does it mean? What does it mean to you? This quote stems from Mark Batterson in reference to the gospel, god and the bible… having […]

Be the best women you can be

      Being sick this week and without voice has meant that I’ve had a lot of time to reflect this week, and in time with international Womens Day I wanted to share where Im at. Coming back from a trip overseas, I and Danae unfortunately ended up ill […]

Check Out George’s Amazing Fitness Results

                  Client of 12 Week Body Mind Reboot Program Our member George, joined our 12 Week Body and Mind Reboot Program 8 weeks ago to focus on increasing his fitness levels; understanding how to make more nutritional food choices, and to work […]

Give yourself what you deserve!

          Just Stop The Excuses & Give Yourself What you Deserve   I constantly hear… I cant afford it I dont have time I want to be fit I want to be healthy but I don’t have time What does this do? It creates a spiral […]

I only have one body… I need to keep it fit and healthy!

Why do we spend thousands of dollars on medication, doctor and specialist visits without a second thought when it comes to our health and well being? We shop around for the best doctors, best specialists and best advisors when it comes to health conditions right? Yet when we are looking […]

Build your resilience through exercise

Most of us already know that exercise helps release endorphins which are wonderful mood boosters. But did you know that exercise is a great contributing factor to help you build your mental resilience? We often lack the self awareness and understanding on how we should promote our own self care, […]

Dont let winter beat your fitness goals!

If you are like me, winter is not your favourite part of the year. Trying to achieve your fitness goals when its cold is hard work! The shorter days and colder weather definitely challenges my willpower and energy levels to to keep working out, but I still manage to get […]

How to push through your daily frustrations

Ever get so frustrated when things dont go your way that you let it ruin your plan to exercise? We have all been there. Let me step you through a typical afternoon of mine.. So there is 6 hours till I have to run a class, and am at home […]

Beating your brain at its own mindset game

Beating my own negative mindset started mid last week, when  following my beach bootcamp training session, I thought I would get in a quick training session before I headed to work. That was all good, but what happened over the last 24 hours was a build up of events that took […]