Our personal training programs focus on your health and wellness. We coach you to develop your best self through increased awareness about yourself, build your fitness and nutrition knowledge and build your confidence for a strong mindset. Our focus is on driving your accountability to your goals.

Our personal training programs are tailor designed to help you you set realistic goals to  manage weight, gain strength, increase fitness and focus on a flexible approach to your nutrition.

Focus is on whole body approach – a flexible approach to motivating and inspiring you to be accountable to investing in your health and developing your best self – mind and body.

Our programs start with initial mindset, health and fitness assessment, discuss your goals and your lifestyle. We then design a program to progress towards these goals that work within your lifestyle.

Small group or 2 on 1 sessions are also available.

Our personal training sessions are both indoors and outdoors or as per your request.

Click on this link to request personal training services: Personal Training Request

Personal Training Packages

$85 per session*

Starter Pack  – 45 mins per session.

Foundational strength and weight training. Learn technique and safe movements. Combination of strength and conditioning

Purchased as a 4 pack.

*Paid Upfront, 6 week expiry.

$75 per session, 2 sessions per week*

Goal Setting and Coaching Session x 30 mins. Includes Health & Fitness Assessment  x 30 mins.

Combination of Strength, Conditioning and Cardio training. Learn more advanced techniques. 6 – 8 week progress review including photos and measurements.

Option to attend 2 x  45 minute group sessions per week.

* Paid on direct debit, 8 week expiry

$65 per session, 2 sessions per week*

Minimum  12 week commitment.

Mindset Training, Goal Setting and Coaching Session x 60 mins. Includes Health and Fitness Assessment x 30 mins.

Strength,Conditioning and Cardio Training.

6 and 12 week progress reviews including photos and measurements.

Includes Nutrition Assessment and Flexible Nutrition Plan.

* Paid on direct debit, ongoing every 4 weeks