Achieve the body you want by working on your mind!

So over the last few months I was confronted with self confidence issues around my body image. Adapting to a growing belly was something that took effort and a change in mindset.

To combat some of the thoughts I was having, many of you will remember that I posted pregnancy training videos to take myself out of my comfort zone, to show that you can still train whilst pregnant and to help me deal with my fears of my body shape changing.

Whilst I believe that we are all given the body that we have and we should love that body, it’s human nature to always aspire to something more.

I’m a big believer in putting in 💯 percent effort and commitment to developing your best self… if you do this and are true to yourself that you have taken action, then you are developing your best self – that’s all you can aspire to.

Self love is really important, and having a great mindset leads to self love…

Now most of you would know that I’m not big on posting selfies (except on my personal page when travelling 😂)….

However I want to post these selfies to show you that you can transform your body:
– if you work on your mindset
– if you set out your goals
– if you prioritise those goals
– if you focus and commit to want you want to achieve
– if you believe you can achieve

Then you will transform your body to achieve your goals!

Our biggest challenge is overcoming our own thoughts, own fears and the bullshit stories and excuses we make for ourselves.

Time is usually one of the stories… we all have 24 hours in a day – it’s how we choose to use those hours that differentiates us. Exercise only takes 4% of your day… it could take less than 2%.

To work on yourself takes ongoing effort and commitment.

One of the biggest barriers to not achieving our goals tends to be our mindset.

So if you work on your mindset, focus on your priorities and you will achieve what you set out to achieve.

These selfies also take me out of my comfort zone 😜

So if you are ready to commit 💯 percent to yourself, contact us below and I can show you how at my Brighton Le Sands and Peakhurst group outdoor fitness sessions.

Pre pregnancy at 38 weeks, had Danae at 39 weeks and 5 weeks after having baby.


@ 38 weeks pregnant

5 weeks post baby





























Struggling with the bullshit you tell yourself?

Twelve months ago I decided that I wanted to take the next step and invest in myself… I quit being a fitness trainer working for someone else, focused on learning as much as I could, and went on a long journey to start Kappatalize Fitness whilst working full time, and doing my thesis part time…  it was really hard work to set up a business, get the right plans in place, learn all about marketing, IT, website, and all sorts of things…..  During this journey I also found out I was pregnant… rather than stop, I decided I would keep moving forward with my goal to launch #kappasfitbodies in the Spring.

My struggle during this time was the changes to my body, changes to my emotional state and struggling to get out of my comfort zone whilst all these exciting changes were taking place..

Since falling pregnant, I found it hard to cope with a growing body and belly… I didn’t want to accept that I could still feel good and look good and be inspiring to my members…  Why? Because of stigma, because of being judged, because so many people have an image of what fit or what a fitness trainer should look like! These are the bull shit stories I was telling myself. So to combat these feelings, to grow as an individual, and to convince myself it was okay and these thoughts were just thoughts that were holding me back,  I decided to put together a video that puts me out of my comfort zone and posted it all over Facebook!

Bull shit stories are things that we tell ourselves so we can excuse ourselves from stepping outside of our comfort, from rising to new challenges, to new thoughts, to new lasting habits and to new behaviours…

We all face struggles in our lives, fears, thoughts that may take us beyond what we think we are capable of… that is why so many of us set goals, say we will start next week, next year, when my friend is ready so we can support each other, use injuries as excuses, work, life and all sorts of things…

We all have the same 24 hours in the day, and how we choose to spend these is up to us…

Some of us choose to use these hours to focus on ourselves, on time to ourselves.. doesn’t mean we can not still have our kids, work and social lives are priority!

Just sometimes we need to make ourselves our first priority for an hour a day!

Why start next year or next week?

Why not start right now!

To grow and get results however the best thing we can do is face the bull shit stories we tell ourselves!

Hopefully this video inspires you to stop talking BS to yourself and get you inspired to have that difficult conversation with yourself  to make a decision to face up to your struggles, to your pain… whether they be time, emotional eating, lack of motivation or something else….

Most people will tell me they don’t have time.

Make Time

Stop Excusing Yourself

Focus on what you can do rather than what you cant do! 

And dig deep to work out why you actually tell yourself these things.

Ready to Invest In Yourself?

Ready to Make time for yourself  

Ready to focus on your health?

Ready to focus on your nutrition and wellness?

Ready to fully commit to yourself? 

Ready to Rise up to the Bull Shit you tell yourself?

Comment below and I’ll send my video and FREE Book on how to overcome your struggles!

Local to the St George or Rockdale Areas? Or Peakhurst / Brighton Le Sands?

If you – I’ll also throw in 7 days of free group bootcamp training!

Make the decision right now and commit to investing in yourself.

We only work with people that are committed to themselves  – we will help you set your fitness, wellness and nutrition goals and kick start your journey to a healthier happier you. 


Check out the recent video of one of my training regimes @home…