Dont let winter beat your fitness goals!

If you are like me, winter is not your favourite part of the year. Trying to achieve your fitness goals when its cold is hard work!

The shorter days and colder weather definitely challenges my willpower and energy levels to to keep working out, but I still manage to get it done… yes staying fit over the winter is that important to me!

I don’t loathe the thought of getting out of my warm bed on a cold, dark winter day to get all bundled up to get to bootcamp and teach sessions in the rain. I love mornings. I love the stillness of the morning, the morning air. However since baby came along some mornings are really hard.

What keeps me motivated is knowing that I help people reach their goals. That my clients continue to come out to fitness classes rain hail or shine.  That I can continue to find new fitness routines that keep everyone coming back
If you are one of those winter morning warriors, I say HUGE kudos to you. You gotta do what you have to do to get it done, and if that means making it happen first thing in the morning, then so it is! I dont often get my fitness regime done in the morning because of work, but I am all for training in the morning before you give yourself a million excuses not to by the end of the day .

Regardless of whether it’s early morning or not, it still can be hard to stick to your workout routine during the winter because of the natural tendency to want to hibernate. If you need an extra boost, use these seven tips for staying motivated for your winter workouts.

1.Diarise your workout days.

Decide on the weekend what days you are going to exercise and then set these in your phone diary. Set an alarm, and get yourself ready for your next day the night before so there are no excuses!

2. Keep track on your fitness app

Most of us these days are wearing some sort of fitness tracker. Keep track – Record how far you’ve come by tracking your workouts and nutrition.  Make it personal, too, by writing down how good you feel immediately after a good workout.

3. Socialise your achievements

Make an announcement – celebrate milestones on social media. Just the milestones! The well wishes you receive will boost your confidence and give you motivation for the next week of workouts.

4. Get your thermals on

Buy new workout clothes – a set of compression pants, a thermal top and a beanie. Wear these in the morning and you will start to shred layers once you have warmed up!

5. Increase your cardio intensity

Start your session with a good dynamic warm up to get the body moving and to awaken your senses! Then do some jogging on the spot or light skipping (with or without a rope) to increase your heart rate – a sure way to keep you warm and energised at the same time!

6. Reflect on how far you have come

Reflect on where you are at right now. Reflect on how far you have come. Reflect on what it will take to get it back if you give it up for the winter months.


7.  Write out where you want to be! 

Think about where you want to be in September and whether you are prepared to start again. This should motivate you to keep up the good work all winter long.

8. Train with a mate

Ask your trainer for 1:1 sessions or small group sessions and train with a bunch of mates. Nothing like achieving your fitness goals with a training buddy to keep you accountable.
Instead of fighting against these colder months, find a way to go with the flow and look for more creative ways to still make fitness a priority during the colder months.

After all, June 21st is the shortest day of the year and only a week or so away and all gets better from there!!


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How to push through your daily frustrations

Ever get so frustrated when things dont go your way that you let it ruin your plan to exercise?

We have all been there.

Let me step you through a typical afternoon of mine..

So there is 6 hours till I have to run a class, and am at home on this particular day.




The plan is to

  1. Have a healthy lunch
  2. Feed baby
  3. Have a snooze with baby
  4. Get up – exercise
  5. Spend time playing with baby
  6. Get ready and go out to run an awesome evening bootcamp class at Penshurst!

What actually happens

1 .Lunch is whatever I can snack on

2 .Baby feeding takes 3 x as long as what it should have

3. Baby snooze turns into 2 hours of trying to get baby to sleep

4. Exercise – looking like a distant dream at this point

5. Playtime? Where we going to find time for that?

6. Preparation?!?

Lucky I actually prepare a month in advance for my bootcamp sessions so I don’t have the problem of

Does this ever happen to you? When your planned day or week or weekend just doesn’t go to plan?

So what do you do?

Get Frustrated

Blame the world

Blame your partner

Give up?

Ever felt like that?

Thats absolutely normal and natural… we get demotivated, we feel flat and lose all energy to move forward.

However when we focus on ourselves and work on our mindset, a day like this can be turned around quite easily.

So how do I do this

  1. I make a commitment to myself… if I only have 5 mins for myself that I will do what I need to do in that five minutes. That generally means that I will find a way to exercise – skip for 5 mins, do some bodyweight exercises or just get moving?
  2. I put on uplifting music and dance around – I generally dance with my baby, and music gets us both moving. Music is a great way to get up, get moving and feel good – whether its by yourself when no-one is watching or dancing around with your kids.
  3. I diffuse oils… uplifting blends like Doterra’s citrus bliss, lemongrass, peppermint, elevation, motivation and bergamot are my favourite uplifting blends
  4. I get out of my own way…. and take action.  What I mean by this is that I stop telling myself that I dont have time, 60 free seconds, is 60 free seconds. That is time that I can get moving. I just get on with it and make the best out of it. Rather than focus on getting frustrated, texting Reedy to share my frustration (wasting time), I focus on the what I can do. I just get on with it

So… what commitments are you going to make to yourself when you are next in this situation.

Feel free to comment your thoughts and share.