Be the best women you can be




Being sick this week and without voice has meant that I’ve had a lot of time to reflect this week, and in time with international Womens Day I wanted to share where Im at.

Coming back from a trip overseas, I and Danae unfortunately ended up ill a couple days after our return. I have been bed ridden and without voice for 5 days – its so unlike me to not be up and aboutBut this gave rise to the amazing women in my life. Ive had amazing women around me help me this week.

So I need to give thank to my mum for looking after Danae for extra long hours, to my sister for constantly checking in, to my best girlfriends Leesa and Helena who offered help in any way that I needed, to my trainers Dani and Sam for running my fitness classes; to  my project coordinator at work Michaela for sorting out my work load and my meetings.

To give back to myself, I decided today to spend some time with Danae at the park. I had an amazing hour with Danae this afternoon where I just had a chance without being rushed to watch her play and enjoy the park, the swings and the climbing frames.

Following this, I took some time to reflect.

Being a women is hard work. We often feel that we need to take on all of the load – be the project managers, wives, mothers, organisers, drivers, cleaners, chefs, friends, and the like…the list goes on and on. We feel guilty when we don’t give time to ourselves, friends, family, children.. we feel like we are out of control if we can not keep on top of everything all of the time. We feel guilty when we have to prioritise.

What I have often found though over the years where I have met thousands of amazing women, is that regardless of age group, regardless of background, regardless of status, regardless of how we were raised, our values sets, many of us endure the same sort of pain, the same sort of heartache – the stuff that sometimes makes us want to tear our hair out.

Many of you that know me would know that I say, that only another women can feel another women’s pain – only another women really gets the 100 tasks on the to do list that sits in our minds 24/7. We all deserve a F’Kn medal, but rather than focus on how much we achieve, how much we do, how awesome we are, we are often the first to criticise ourselves, and can sometimes be critical of others as well.

So as part of this IWD, take the time as you move through the week to focus on the women in your life.  You may not agree with all of them, you may have opposing view on important matters, but the one thing that we have in common is that we are women – we get it. We really get it – and we get each other.

Many years ago I decided that I would lift other women, that I would try and inspire them, be an ear for them, share my own struggles with them, and accept each and every one for who they are.. I choose to have like minded women in my circles – its one of the most valuable things in my life – these friendships, and knowing that no matter what, we are there to help each other get through pain, get through moments, to have laughs and to share this amazing life that we all get to experience.

Rather than bring each other down, we should all focus on how we can lift each other up for the amazing being that each and every one of us is.