Meet The Trainer


Invest in your Health & Wellbeing through mind body connection 


I feel privileged that we have connected. I am truly excited to embark on this journey with you to a more mindful, healthier and fitter version of yourself

My journey into holistic wellbeing started through the love of the being in nature and exercising outdoors. I am truly grateful when I connect with others and support their fitness and well being journey.

I have a background in Change and Leadership as well as Mindfulness and Personal Training. I combine all of these skills holistically to help my clients reach their health, wellness, fitness and body or weight loss goals holistically and naturally.

I practice what I preach and I choose to live a clean lifestyle where I exercise daily, meditate, live mindfully, eat clean and live naturally.

I have immersed myself into exercise and wellness for over 15 years and continue to building my learning and develop myself.

As such I am qualified in the fitness arena as a personal trainer and bootcamp coach. In the food industry I am a integrative nutrition coach. In the mindfulness space I am an NLP and Mindfulness Coach. I have extensive experience leading, teaching and supporting all walks of life, including adults, teens, children, older adults and women during and post pregnancy.

Having a 2 year old daughter and exercising daily throughout my pregnancy, I also have direct experience in managing fitness and nutrition during and post pregnancy.

During my spare time I run a Womens Tribe that focusing on helping connect women and managing stress, anxiety and overwhelm naturally.

Outside of this, I am often found rock climbing, abseiling, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking and taking on many outdoor adventures and love to travel.

I feel privileged to be a part of your journey to a more mindful, calmer and happier version of yourself, body and mind.

Love & Peace,

Helen Reed