Get out of your own way..

I feel run down
I don’t have energy
I feel stressed
My work is taking up my time
My family is taking up my time…
I used to be fit but…
I have other things on at the moment.. and when these are done I will get back into it…
I want to but I cant because…….

Sound Like You?

I hear all of these excuses often about why people are no longer fit, healthy or looking after themselves. I also hear from my clients that they are sorry they didnt show up…. and I sometimes ask myself – why are they apologising to me? Apologise to yourself!

At the end of the day, we all have 24 hours in the day – how we each choose to spend it is our choice.

Some people think that I am Wonder Woman.. I run two successful businesses in Sydney that pretty much take up my life full time, I have a young family and a newborn daughter and I am undertaking my doctorate part time thesis (7 years on now) whilst running a full household.

Do I think Im Wonder Woman?
Not really?

People often ask how I manage to fit it all in.

The way I do this is by being really focused on what is important to me.

I therefore choose to

– make exercise a part of my daily / weekly goals – even if its only for 10 or 15 minutes on some days

– make time to shop for good food, fresh fruit and veges and plan my meals

– count calories and macros and track these daily

– eat clean and green

– enjoy indulgences occasionally

– forgo other social activities to ensure that I have time to do whats important for me

– to work on my mindset

– to have a busy lifestyle

But if you choose to not make time for yourself to work on your goals, to work on your fitness, to work on your nutrition, to work on your health, then stop telling yourself that you just don’t have time! You are in control of how you choose to spend your time.

If your fitness and well being important to you, the stop getting in your own way and start removing barriers and start taking action!

Do this by firstly working out your Reasons Why!!!

Why is being healthy important to you
Why is being fit important to you

And rather than come up with “I want to lose weight” or “I just want to be fitter”…. dig deep and really question why..

Then write out all these reasons and stick them on your ceiling or bedside table, fridge or office desk and be reminded daily of your reasons why!

Here are my top 5

1. Love the way exercise makes me feel – confident, energised and on top of the world – what a great way to start every day!

2. Want to enjoy as much time as possible with my family and new baby – and live as long as I can.

3. To be a role model for my daughter, stepson friends and all of you – to live naturally and promote a naturalistic way of life.

4. Makes me feel good when I can help others by sharing and living the values that I preach to everyone else

5. Makes me feel good knowing what I put into my body is natural and wholesome

Once you have listed your reasons why – and list all your reasons why… then the next steps is to

Start Getting Out of Your Own Way!

What I mean by this is think about the reasons and excuses that you use to sabotage your goals and reasons why…

You can do this in some of these ways:

1) Make yourself a priority – even its for only 15 mins per day

2) Giving back to yourself – negotiate 3 times per week where 60 mins is all about you to get fitter, healthier or feel better – exercise, have a massage or enjoy a walk alone to clear the mind, or spend 60 mins playing / hanging out with your kids and giving them 100% of your attention.

3) Schedule time in your diary for food preparation, exercise, meditation and journalling like you would schedule social outings.

4) Go to bed earlier – wake up earlier

5) Switch off all the rubbish on TV and use that time to work on yourself

If you are want to know more, or need some help so you can start looking after you and work on your health, work on your nutrition, work on your mindset…. or you just enjoy some group outdoor fitness training for some time to yourself with like minded people, then come and check us out #kappasfitbodies.

We run group outdoor fitness sessions in South Sydney in the Hurstville – Peakhurst locations and Brighton Le Sand Beach. If you prefer we also run online programs where you can exercise in your own home at your own convenience.

Follow us through our social media channels for loads of information and resources on 15 min exercise programs, mindset advice that you can action and follow and great recipes for you to try out!

Feel free to comment or ask any questions!

Release your motivation limitation

I often get asked how I manage to be constantly motivated to run my outdoor bootcamp sessions at St George and Brighton Le Sand, work full time, and have time for family, a new baby, and part time thesis study. Getting up by 4.30 or 5am most mornings for over 5 years now, with only a few hours of good sleep, and finding ways to run interesting fitness sessions outdoors is no easy slog! Being a trainer is definitely not glamorous like some tend to stereotype.

When I sit back and reflect, I don’t believe that I go out looking for things to motivate me. Rather its the realisation that I get my energy from people, love the outdoors, and love fitness, thus its easy to find ways to stay motivated each and every day. I dont think of being motivated as something that I consciously do.

I focus on positive energy through open minded conversations with people, through knowing that I can make a difference to peoples lives and knowing that I can not only share my knowledge each and every day, however learn from others with every encounter that I have every single day. When I reflect on o

So then when I see great results from results from members in programs such as the body transformation and reboot challenges that we undertake at Kappatalize Fitness, I know that I have made a difference, that I have been able to energise my members to set themselves up for success in their fitness and nutrition goals, whether it be weight loss, getting leaner, or generally just feeling better about themselves. This then helps not only keep me motivated, but increases my motivation.

You see about 12 months ago I came to the realisation that for most of my clients, fitness is not just about the weight loss – its about making time for themselves, for ourselves. Coming to the outdoor bootcamps gives us the opportunity yo enjoy nature, to train within an open environment with other like minded individuals, and to also allow ourselves some “me time” away from our hectic lives. In the process we get to move, meet people and enjoy a fitness session where we dont necessarily have to think about what we do next.

Im a strong believer in being good to ourselves and in order to achieve that we need to focus on increasing self awareness, working on mindset and knowing that a good part of achieving our intentions is all about working on ourselves and working on our mindset to develop our best selves. This could mean learning from others, reflecting, being grateful for what we have, acknowledging our achievements daily , journalling, taking time out to enjoy our surrounds and knowing how we can best set ourselves up for success each and every day.

So to get you all thinking, I have listed the top 10 things that I try and do all the time to ensure that my motivation levels are at a premium:

1. I take action every day by setting my intentions for the day, and making the commitment. So set your intentions and commit or recommit to these!

2. I have a plan nutrition and exercise – I stick to it and avoid getting distracted

3. I try and simplify my life – focus on getting to the end game with a few things, and enjoying the journey in the process

4. I move every day – whether its my weight training, a kappatalize fitness @ home workout, or walk, cycle, yoga… I make sure I move as much as possible

5. I reflect and appreciate how far I have come as a person and how much I have grown

6. If I have had a bad day, I let it go and move on!

7. I spend time reflecting on what I have done well and self critique what I could do different, what I have learned and what positives I can take from my learnings

8. I am grateful every day that I live in a free country, that I have opportunities and that I am surrounded by wonderful people that I choose to be amongst

9. I cut myself slack – we only live once so its okay to enjoy life – I choose however to do it in moderation

10.I repeat this every day

Think about these tips and the ones that resonate with you – what would work for you and why? Developing your best self takes time, means putting work into you, and can sometimes be very confronting. I would rather confront myself, call myself on my shit and live a genuine life… its who I am.

Final reflection and thoughts… put these practices into place..rather than constantly look for ways to be motivated, work on yourself instead and the motivation to continue to step up your game will naturally be there.

I welcome any comments, and for those that would like more information, receive tips and ideas on how to develop your best self through mind and body, please link with us through our social media channels.

See you all soon

Achieve the body you want by working on your mind!

So over the last few months I was confronted with self confidence issues around my body image. Adapting to a growing belly was something that took effort and a change in mindset.

To combat some of the thoughts I was having, many of you will remember that I posted pregnancy training videos to take myself out of my comfort zone, to show that you can still train whilst pregnant and to help me deal with my fears of my body shape changing.

Whilst I believe that we are all given the body that we have and we should love that body, it’s human nature to always aspire to something more.

I’m a big believer in putting in 💯 percent effort and commitment to developing your best self… if you do this and are true to yourself that you have taken action, then you are developing your best self – that’s all you can aspire to.

Self love is really important, and having a great mindset leads to self love…

Now most of you would know that I’m not big on posting selfies (except on my personal page when travelling 😂)….

However I want to post these selfies to show you that you can transform your body:
– if you work on your mindset
– if you set out your goals
– if you prioritise those goals
– if you focus and commit to want you want to achieve
– if you believe you can achieve

Then you will transform your body to achieve your goals!

Our biggest challenge is overcoming our own thoughts, own fears and the bullshit stories and excuses we make for ourselves.

Time is usually one of the stories… we all have 24 hours in a day – it’s how we choose to use those hours that differentiates us. Exercise only takes 4% of your day… it could take less than 2%.

To work on yourself takes ongoing effort and commitment.

One of the biggest barriers to not achieving our goals tends to be our mindset.

So if you work on your mindset, focus on your priorities and you will achieve what you set out to achieve.

These selfies also take me out of my comfort zone 😜

So if you are ready to commit 💯 percent to yourself, contact us below and I can show you how at my Brighton Le Sands and Peakhurst group outdoor fitness sessions.

Pre pregnancy at 38 weeks, had Danae at 39 weeks and 5 weeks after having baby.


@ 38 weeks pregnant

5 weeks post baby





























Struggling with the bullshit you tell yourself?

Twelve months ago I decided that I wanted to take the next step and invest in myself… I quit being a fitness trainer working for someone else, focused on learning as much as I could, and went on a long journey to start Kappatalize Fitness whilst working full time, and doing my thesis part time…  it was really hard work to set up a business, get the right plans in place, learn all about marketing, IT, website, and all sorts of things…..  During this journey I also found out I was pregnant… rather than stop, I decided I would keep moving forward with my goal to launch #kappasfitbodies in the Spring.

My struggle during this time was the changes to my body, changes to my emotional state and struggling to get out of my comfort zone whilst all these exciting changes were taking place..

Since falling pregnant, I found it hard to cope with a growing body and belly… I didn’t want to accept that I could still feel good and look good and be inspiring to my members…  Why? Because of stigma, because of being judged, because so many people have an image of what fit or what a fitness trainer should look like! These are the bull shit stories I was telling myself. So to combat these feelings, to grow as an individual, and to convince myself it was okay and these thoughts were just thoughts that were holding me back,  I decided to put together a video that puts me out of my comfort zone and posted it all over Facebook!

Bull shit stories are things that we tell ourselves so we can excuse ourselves from stepping outside of our comfort, from rising to new challenges, to new thoughts, to new lasting habits and to new behaviours…

We all face struggles in our lives, fears, thoughts that may take us beyond what we think we are capable of… that is why so many of us set goals, say we will start next week, next year, when my friend is ready so we can support each other, use injuries as excuses, work, life and all sorts of things…

We all have the same 24 hours in the day, and how we choose to spend these is up to us…

Some of us choose to use these hours to focus on ourselves, on time to ourselves.. doesn’t mean we can not still have our kids, work and social lives are priority!

Just sometimes we need to make ourselves our first priority for an hour a day!

Why start next year or next week?

Why not start right now!

To grow and get results however the best thing we can do is face the bull shit stories we tell ourselves!

Hopefully this video inspires you to stop talking BS to yourself and get you inspired to have that difficult conversation with yourself  to make a decision to face up to your struggles, to your pain… whether they be time, emotional eating, lack of motivation or something else….

Most people will tell me they don’t have time.

Make Time

Stop Excusing Yourself

Focus on what you can do rather than what you cant do! 

And dig deep to work out why you actually tell yourself these things.

Ready to Invest In Yourself?

Ready to Make time for yourself  

Ready to focus on your health?

Ready to focus on your nutrition and wellness?

Ready to fully commit to yourself? 

Ready to Rise up to the Bull Shit you tell yourself?

Comment below and I’ll send my video and FREE Book on how to overcome your struggles!

Local to the St George or Rockdale Areas? Or Peakhurst / Brighton Le Sands?

If you – I’ll also throw in 7 days of free group bootcamp training!

Make the decision right now and commit to investing in yourself.

We only work with people that are committed to themselves  – we will help you set your fitness, wellness and nutrition goals and kick start your journey to a healthier happier you. 


Check out the recent video of one of my training regimes @home…