Get out of your own way..

I feel run down
I don’t have energy
I feel stressed
My work is taking up my time
My family is taking up my time…
I used to be fit but…
I have other things on at the moment.. and when these are done I will get back into it…
I want to but I cant because…….

Sound Like You?

I hear all of these excuses often about why people are no longer fit, healthy or looking after themselves. I also hear from my clients that they are sorry they didnt show up…. and I sometimes ask myself – why are they apologising to me? Apologise to yourself!

At the end of the day, we all have 24 hours in the day – how we each choose to spend it is our choice.

Some people think that I am Wonder Woman.. I run two successful businesses in Sydney that pretty much take up my life full time, I have a young family and a newborn daughter and I am undertaking my doctorate part time thesis (7 years on now) whilst running a full household.

Do I think Im Wonder Woman?
Not really?

People often ask how I manage to fit it all in.

The way I do this is by being really focused on what is important to me.

I therefore choose to

– make exercise a part of my daily / weekly goals – even if its only for 10 or 15 minutes on some days

– make time to shop for good food, fresh fruit and veges and plan my meals

– count calories and macros and track these daily

– eat clean and green

– enjoy indulgences occasionally

– forgo other social activities to ensure that I have time to do whats important for me

– to work on my mindset

– to have a busy lifestyle

But if you choose to not make time for yourself to work on your goals, to work on your fitness, to work on your nutrition, to work on your health, then stop telling yourself that you just don’t have time! You are in control of how you choose to spend your time.

If your fitness and well being important to you, the stop getting in your own way and start removing barriers and start taking action!

Do this by firstly working out your Reasons Why!!!

Why is being healthy important to you
Why is being fit important to you

And rather than come up with “I want to lose weight” or “I just want to be fitter”…. dig deep and really question why..

Then write out all these reasons and stick them on your ceiling or bedside table, fridge or office desk and be reminded daily of your reasons why!

Here are my top 5

1. Love the way exercise makes me feel – confident, energised and on top of the world – what a great way to start every day!

2. Want to enjoy as much time as possible with my family and new baby – and live as long as I can.

3. To be a role model for my daughter, stepson friends and all of you – to live naturally and promote a naturalistic way of life.

4. Makes me feel good when I can help others by sharing and living the values that I preach to everyone else

5. Makes me feel good knowing what I put into my body is natural and wholesome

Once you have listed your reasons why – and list all your reasons why… then the next steps is to

Start Getting Out of Your Own Way!

What I mean by this is think about the reasons and excuses that you use to sabotage your goals and reasons why…

You can do this in some of these ways:

1) Make yourself a priority – even its for only 15 mins per day

2) Giving back to yourself – negotiate 3 times per week where 60 mins is all about you to get fitter, healthier or feel better – exercise, have a massage or enjoy a walk alone to clear the mind, or spend 60 mins playing / hanging out with your kids and giving them 100% of your attention.

3) Schedule time in your diary for food preparation, exercise, meditation and journalling like you would schedule social outings.

4) Go to bed earlier – wake up earlier

5) Switch off all the rubbish on TV and use that time to work on yourself

If you are want to know more, or need some help so you can start looking after you and work on your health, work on your nutrition, work on your mindset…. or you just enjoy some group outdoor fitness training for some time to yourself with like minded people, then come and check us out #kappasfitbodies.

We run group outdoor fitness sessions in South Sydney in the Hurstville – Peakhurst locations and Brighton Le Sand Beach. If you prefer we also run online programs where you can exercise in your own home at your own convenience.

Follow us through our social media channels for loads of information and resources on 15 min exercise programs, mindset advice that you can action and follow and great recipes for you to try out!

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