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3 Tips to Editing Your Life

Spring Time Declutter 

Spring time normally brings about better weather, opportunity to enjoy the outdoors again and the want by many to “declutter their lives”.

Clearing clutter not only helps improve our physical space, however helps improve our health and well being, helps our build clarity and organisation into our life and creates a sense of tranquility and calm.

Are you the type of person that waits for the Spring time to embark on organising your home, life and emotions?

Why Wait? Whilst decluttering our physical, emotional and mental spaces is a great way to reduce overwhelm and create more focus, getting to the underlying issue of why we get to that cluttered space in our physical and emotional environments may be better for our mindset.

So here are 3 tips on how to declutter your physical, emotional and mental spaces:

Physical and Environmental Declutter

Start off with your home and work environment and consider all the tangible things that you do actually need. Keep these items and give everything else away to those who do actually need it.

When purchasing an item, ask yourself the following questions
a) Do I need this?
b) Am I replacing something?
c) Am I adding to something?
d) Am I purchasing for the sake of “thinking that I may use it” some day?

If its the latter, than stop – put the item down, and work out what is missing right now in your life that you need to fulfil with materialisms.

Generally we have most things that we need in life.

Use this as an opportunity to buy less and also give away what you no longer need.

Clear your mind and release your emotional clutter

To do this, focus on bringing awareness to your thoughts and being present and accepting of your thoughts.

Think about how you can break the habitual thoughts that we become complacent to.

Edit the thoughts in your life frequently and ruthlessly by focusing on what your beliefs and truths are…

If these no longer fit who you are then change these beliefs and truths – and be true to yourself.

Break Your Mind By Giving it a Break!

Give your mind a break for a few moments every day – shut away from social media, social outings, conversations, problems solving and thoughts in general.

Give yourself some time to just be blank – focus on breathing, staring and just being still in your mind.

Using these tips and being conscious that we control how we respond to everything that occurs within our lives promote a more balanced approach to living and well being.

We can either look at experiences as challenges or opportunities. Accept every instance of life as an opportunity to learn, and be grateful for these opportunities.

Please share the ways that you find clarity, balance and focus in your life.

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