Kappas Fit Bodies 12 Week Program Membership


$149 per 4 weeks, 12 week commitment
Rope Member

Unlimited Session

Multiple bootcamp locations

Induction Session

Fitness and Health Review

Access to all 30 day programs

Access to all Competitions and challenges*

Family discount offers**

Free monthly membership for referrals***

Discounts offered for  upfront payments of 26 and 52 weeks

Add a Nutrition Package 

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Kappas Fit Bodies Casual Packages

Group Shot Jump

10 Pack Kick Starter Pack

Access to 10 group fitness bootcamp  sessions only (60 day expiry)#

$170 (plus $5 refundable Fitness Key Tag)

 20 Pack Accelerator Pack

Access to 20 group fitness bootcamp sessions only (120 day expiry)#

$300 (plus $5 refundable Fitness Key Tag)


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* Excludes nutrition, health and wellness packages  packages

** See Terms and conditions, partners and your teens sign up at discounted rates 

*** See Terms and Conditions 

# Casual pack passes do not provide access to induction, health and fitness reviews, or challenges and programs. All classes on timetable.