How to push through your daily frustrations

Ever get so frustrated when things dont go your way that you let it ruin your plan to exercise?

We have all been there.

Let me step you through a typical afternoon of mine..

So there is 6 hours till I have to run a class, and am at home on this particular day.




The plan is to

  1. Have a healthy lunch
  2. Feed baby
  3. Have a snooze with baby
  4. Get up – exercise
  5. Spend time playing with baby
  6. Get ready and go out to run an awesome evening bootcamp class at Penshurst!

What actually happens

1 .Lunch is whatever I can snack on

2 .Baby feeding takes 3 x as long as what it should have

3. Baby snooze turns into 2 hours of trying to get baby to sleep

4. Exercise – looking like a distant dream at this point

5. Playtime? Where we going to find time for that?

6. Preparation?!?

Lucky I actually prepare a month in advance for my bootcamp sessions so I don’t have the problem of

Does this ever happen to you? When your planned day or week or weekend just doesn’t go to plan?

So what do you do?

Get Frustrated

Blame the world

Blame your partner

Give up?

Ever felt like that?

Thats absolutely normal and natural… we get demotivated, we feel flat and lose all energy to move forward.

However when we focus on ourselves and work on our mindset, a day like this can be turned around quite easily.

So how do I do this

  1. I make a commitment to myself… if I only have 5 mins for myself that I will do what I need to do in that five minutes. That generally means that I will find a way to exercise – skip for 5 mins, do some bodyweight exercises or just get moving?
  2. I put on uplifting music and dance around – I generally dance with my baby, and music gets us both moving. Music is a great way to get up, get moving and feel good – whether its by yourself when no-one is watching or dancing around with your kids.
  3. I diffuse oils… uplifting blends like Doterra’s citrus bliss, lemongrass, peppermint, elevation, motivation and bergamot are my favourite uplifting blends
  4. I get out of my own way…. and take action.  What I mean by this is that I stop telling myself that I dont have time, 60 free seconds, is 60 free seconds. That is time that I can get moving. I just get on with it and make the best out of it. Rather than focus on getting frustrated, texting Reedy to share my frustration (wasting time), I focus on the what I can do. I just get on with it

So… what commitments are you going to make to yourself when you are next in this situation.

Feel free to comment your thoughts and share.