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Q. I haven’t exercised in a while – what should I expect? 

A. We will introduce you to our style of fitness training through an initial induction which will take place with one of our trainers. You will be shown how to perform basic exercise movements correctly and use the fitness equipment correctly. We encourage you to work at your own pace – after all, every one needs to start somewhere!

Our goal is to get you feeling comfortable to work at the best that you can in the safest way. We will motivate you to work outside of your comfort zone, and to push a little harder at each session. Within a couple of weeks, you feel the difference.

Q. What do the Boot camp classes consist of? 

A. We run different sessions at each class – you can expect to use a variety of fitness resistance equipment (using kettlebells, battling ropes, sledge drags, dumbbells, medicine balls, sleds, hammers, clubs, tyres, sandbags, and bodyweight). We also combine our boot camp sessions with high intensity cardiovascular activities which include sprints, relays, runs, intervals, hills and stairs and sand work.

Q: What do the Release the Inner Beast sessions consist of? 

A: Our Release the Inner Beast Sessions are non-contact boxfit and kickboxing sessions where we use a mixture of boxing, karate and cardio fitness techniques to help build your cardio vascular fitness – they are high intensity sessions. We provide all the boxing and kickboxing gear, however you are welcome to bring your own gloves, pads, quick wraps or hand wraps if you like. We also pair you up with someone similar to your fitness and experience levels.

Q: What do the Saturday Special Classes consist of? 

A: Our Saturday Special will vary in program length and will last for 60 minutes each week – we have plenty of programs to include throughout the year including special Obstacle Course Programs, Fatburns, Stairs and Dunes Sessions, Spartan and Warrior Programs and loads more

Q: What are your Challenges? 

A: Every 30 days we will run a different nutrition or fitness challenge to keep you motivated – some of these will be competitive for a bit of fun, team based sessions or nutritional based sessions where we focus on a key theme every 30 days. What a great way to set some goals and stick to these!

For more information on our classes – please see our descriptions here Group Sessions


Q: You have a kids program  – what does this include

If you have commitment to our 12 week program, we encourage you to bring your kids (Under 14 years) along to our selected sessions at no additional cost. We believe in educating and buildings kids knowledge about wellbeing and fitness from an early age – we will change the exercises to suit where required and encourage your youngsters to be a part of the team.

Q. What  if everyone else if fitter and more experienced than I am at the sessions?  

A. We have a mix of people and fitness levels at each of our classes – our goal is to develop your skills and fitness, so we ask you to focus on yourself, and challenging yourself. Our groups are a fantastic mix of people that help each other out

Q. How long does each session run for? 

A. Our sessions are 45 minutes long, and we run a special Saturday Session each week that lasts for 60 minutes. Be sure to show up to class at least 5 minute prior to start time to ensure that you get the full warm up. Bring a towel and a bottle of water.

Q. How many sessions can I attend each week?

A. You can attend as many classes as you like that are listed on our timetable if you are a member.

Click here for our timetable  Sessions, Timetables & Maps

Q. What do the membership packages and casual packages cost? 

A. Our members have access to all times and locations, we don’t lock you into training at a specific location or a number of sessions per week.

You can choose from our Membership package of $149 per 4 weeks  for unlimited sessions (min 12 week commitment) or our 10 Casual Kick Starter ($150, 8 week expiry)  or 20 Casual Accelerator ($300, 16 week expiry) packs.

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Q. If I sign up for the 12 week program, how do I pay? 

A. Our 12 week program is billed every 4 weeks by direct debit. You can also place your membership on hold for a minimum of 7 days, by emailing our office if you have plans to go away or are travelling for work.

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Q. What do I do with my Kappatalize Fitness Key Tag? 

A: When you sign up to any of our packages you will receive a Key Tag ($5 refundable deposit). Bring your Fitness Tag to each class that you attend. The trainer will scan your Key Tag into their mobile app.

If you have lost your tag, you will be issued with another tag.

Q. Do you offer teen and kids rates? 

A. Yes, we have a student and teen program rate for $60 per 4 weeks, no minimum commitment. This is available for 15 – 19 years olds. For those under 15 years of age, you can attend our sessions for free, with a full adult 12 week program  member who is attending the sessions.

Q. Is it safe to participate if I have an old injury? 

A. If you’re concerned with any type of health issue always consult your doctor before undertaking any type of fitness regimen.

Q. Do I need to bring anything with me to class? 

A. Wear fitness  gear, bring your Kappatalize Fitness Tag,  a small towel and a bottle of water. If you are training on the beach with us, please always have your trainers available – just in case we decide to go for a run

Q. What do you do when its raining? 

We train in all weather conditions – sometimes we head under cover if its available for us. Always keep on top of our messages on our Facebook and Social Media pages.

Q. What do I do if I want to cancel my membership? 

A. It would be sad to see you go. However we understand circumstances. If you wish to cancel,  Contact Us  7 days from the next debit date.

If for any reason the 12 week program is cancelled before it’s expiration date, 50% of the remaining of time will be charged.

Q. What do you do with my membership if I go on holiday? 

A. If you let us know before you go we’ll hold your membership while your away. Please send us an email at least 3 days before hand

Q. What if I miss a class? 

A. Our 12 week package, Teens Package are unlimited so there are no refunds for missed classes. Our Casual Passes are per class sessions.

Q. What results can I expect to see? 

A. We help you set your initial goals, and then work towards these goals from a holistic approach. We also offer additional packages including nutritional coaching and wellness packages that may be suitable to help you accelerate towards your fitness and health goals.

If you participate actively in your membership package, you will expect to see increased fitness levels, increased ability to perform the exercises, increased body strength and overall well being.

Q. What about Nutrition packages? 

A. We are qualified Food and Wellness Coaches and have qualification in Nutrition Programs. Our programs include   28 Day Nutrition Challenges which are run throughout the year. This is free for all of our 12 week members, or $199 for training and nutrition for our non-members. We provide nutrition tips and coaching throughout this program.

If you prefer personalise Nutrition and Wellness Coaching – see our Nutrition Packages


Q. You work with kids – do you provide vacation care and school programs? 

A: Yes, our trainers are fully qualified and have experience working with Vacation Care Program and School Teens Programs. Kids and Teens are different – whilst their bodies are growing its especially important to ensure that trainers understand growing bodies, and what helps kids stay motivated.

Our programs are personalised to suit your vacation care or school needs – see  Active Kids and Teens , or Contact Us for further information.