All Member Terms and Conditions

Membership Holds

Clients that wish to place membership on hold within 12 week period, need to provide 7 days written notice.

Memberships will only be placed on hold for a period of 12 weeks.

Memberships & Cancellations:

Members that have signed up to 12 weeks membership and wish to cancel within the 12 weeks will be charged 50% of the remainder of the 12 week package. This applies to all membership packages.

Kids Classes:

Children, where children are 14 years and under are able to attend free (upon completion of Childrens Pre Activity Questionnaire and Release signed off by a primary carer) with the supervision of an adult at selected classes on the timetable.

For children under 14 years of age to attend further sessions on the Kappatalize Fitness timetable, agreement must be made with Owner and will only be at Owners discretion.

Key Tags:

Tag must be scanned at each session attended; $5 replacement tag for lost / stolen tags will be requested and made upon next 4 week payment or via cash by the individual issued the tag.

Credit Card / Debit Card

Payments will be taken every 4 weeks from agreed commencement date.

Credit card / Debit card owner responsible for all debit fees for late transactions or declined or failed transactions.

3 days written notice required if extension of payment is required on any given month.

General Terms, Conditions include (not limited to).

Family discount offers only apply to immediate family members, including partners and teen children. Family discount does not refer to friends, cousins or any other family members, and can not be used with any other offer or promotion by Kappatalize Fitness.

Family discount for Teens Program is $49 per 4 weeks, for unlimited access to classes, no ongoing commitment.

Referrals must commit and pay for their 12 week membership. Once the 12th week of membership payment has been received, Kappatalize Fitness will issue 4 free weeks to the referrer if listed on sign up form, and only this referrer. This can not be used with the family discount or any other offer or promotion offered by Kappatalize Fitness at any time.

Referrals must be new clients that have not been a client of Kappatalize Fitness or a current/previous client of any of the personal trainers that are subcontracted to or any previous / current clients of the owner of Kappatalize Fitness.

Only one promotion can be extended to a member at any one time during their time as a client of Kappatalize Fitness unless otherwise at the discretion of Kappatalize Fitness.

Fitness Packages do not include Health and Wellness packages which can be purchased as an addition to the membership.