Michelle Sayseng Cruz*

When I first started, I just had my second baby, and  I wanted to feel get back to being fitter than where I was before prengnancy;

Being outdoors where I could train all year around was what I was looking for, something different to the gym.

I am impressedwith Kappatalize Fitness, because Helen is dedicated to each member to ensure they are movtiated… she takes a holistic approach, its not just about fitness, however overall well-being… Each class is well preapared, has plenty of variety and this makes it fun and challenging… its also why I have been coming to classes since 2012!

Kappatalize Fitness is different because Helen treats everyone individuals and attends to us peroonally.. Its just that personalise treatment that makes you feel special

I recommend Kappatalize Fitness  because its all about your investment for your health and well being… and your dedication. If you are prepared to invest in yourself, than Kappatalize Fitness will invest in you..

I am addicted because I wanted to train to achieve my goals.. I work hard and I see the results, and I keep coming back again and again to sessions, and so will you.

Michelle Sayseng Cruz*
Lay Lay Naing

I started with high intensity exercise because I have Type II diabetes and needed to control my sugar levels without taking medication…

When I found that I wasn’t motivated at the gym, I tried group outdoor fitness….  I find that at Kappatalize Fitness I feel motivated to keep going to training..

Between work life and my kids I am busy person, and focus this time on myself…  I find that Helen always finds a way to accommodation my needs…. not only does she focus on each of our individual needs, but we establish strong relationships and friendships between the members..

I didn’t expect that I would by training at my age, however now love it and want to keep going for as long as I can*

Lay Lay Naing
Kussy Ungvary

I always likes the idea of training outdoors and I have now being training for over 3 years… I love the fact thatI can push myself as much as I want to and improve my strength, flexibility and fitness levels through the variety of exercise that we do…

Its fund because its all year long, and our trainer Helen works hard to get the best out of us… Its part of my life now which I can imagine living without..

I recommend Kappatalize Fitness because where else will you find exercise all year round in the outdoors with trainers that love what they do, push you to be your best and meet a crazy fun bunch of people that you can share laughs with!*

Kussy Ungvary
Briony Green

I started with outdoor fitnessapproximately 18 months ago… and originally  wanted to lose weight . Since starting I have lost over 8kg, increased my fitness and strength and can do more than 5 push ups now!

I enjoy the fact that no session is the same; Helen really helps push you which didn’t get when I went to the gym…

I didn’t expectthat I would actually enjoy coming to training – now I cant get enough… Helen is like no other trainers that I have worked with before… She is very passionated and motviating.

The workouts. are fun, have loads of variety, help build your strength, help you lose weight and give you great results!*

Briony Green
Steve Harvey

When I first started…. I was taking medication for high cholesterol and needed to lose 10kg,  With Helens training methods I lost 12 kg in 6 weeks.  Within the first year of training Helen, I was able to stop taking the cholesterol medication

What impresses meis the variety of exercises and fitness sessions that I can attend to suit my work and life schedule..

What I love about outdoor fitnessis that I get to spend this time to myself, and train with a group of like minded people of different ages and all walks of life…

I valuethe friendships that I have made through the community that Kappatalize Fitness has developed and didn’t expect that I would be able to get out of bed and enjoy watching the sunrise over the beach during a training session..

I recommend thatyou give it a go as well! Kappatalize Fitness is genuinely interested in my health and well being… I enjoy the mix of outdoor park and beach circuit sessions and the boxfit sessions…*

Steve Harvey
Whitney L

Ive always been very active, however wanted something different to supplement my training… I actually ended up liking outdoor training so much, that I dropped my original training to keep up with group outdoor fitness…

Whats different is.. that we are never asked to do anything that the trainer cant do.. this is important to me..  I have increased my strength – I can do “boy” push ups and I can also do pull ups now too!

I likethe holistic approach that is provided at Helens sessions, where it is not only about the physical activity but also about nutrition, wellness, the social aspects, and the emotional support.

Kappatalize Fitness is different because there is a genuine care for each individual client, who wants to make a lifestyle change and achieve their goals..

I didn’t expect thatI would end up with a great group of friends  – I was only interested in exercising, however have found a great group of people that I genuinely enjoying spending this time with, and socialising with.*

Whitney L
Amy Hooper

When I first started training about 18 months ago, I wanted to lose weight and gain fitness.. I wanted to try outdoor fitness because I get bored easily at the gym and wanted to train outdoors near home.

When I frist started exercising, I couldn’t run 1km and couldn’t do plank holds for more than 30 seconds…

Since I started training with Kappatalize my overall fitness levels have improved massively, Ive lost 5 kgs, I can hold planks for over 4 mins!

I find that Helen is really dedicated to each client and their needs, is professional and the sessions are always fun and interseting.

When I first started training I didn’t expect that I would change my mind about exercise – now I understand why people love it!

I have completely changed my perspective on exercising, and it feels great to be fit amongst like minded people.*

Amy Hooper

When I first started training, I was unfit and wanted to lose weight. I didn’t like training alone in the gym, wasn’t sure of which exercises to do, and whether I was performing the exercises right.

I worked out at the gym for a while, wasn’t seeing results and have tried personal trainers as well – nothing seemed to work.

I decided to try outdoor training with Helen.. and love it! Whilst she motivates me, she also pushes me to perform my best, whilst at the same time making it fun.

Since starting about 15 months ago, I have lost over 10kg have increased energy levels, and actually enjoy working out.

What I enjoy about being in group training is the energy that comes from a group, and the fact that Helen pays attention to everyone to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout.

When I first started I didn’t expect that 15 months later I would miss training if I wasn’t there, and that I would still be training

I recommend that everyone try Kappatalize Fitness… Helen keeps you motivated and makes exercising fun at the same time. I am happy with the results and thats what keeps me coming back!

Zeinab F
Shanti O’Toole

I started with Kappatalize 18 months ago and am so glad I did.  I had previously attended indoor classes and wanted to try boot camp style and challenge my fitness levels

When I first started I wanted to build on and increase my fitness and intensity levels.  If I’m not sweating then I just don’t feel like I’ve had a proper workout.I really wanted to build muscle, and the weight loss came with it.

What impresses me most with Kappatalize is that, even after 18 months of training I find that no routine is ever the same and I love that I am still being physically challenged.

I have most definitely become more aware of my food selection.  I have a busy work week so Meal Prepping on a Sunday is a must.  This includes Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks & Dinner and I am better for it – plus it allows me to enjoy my cheat day over the weekend.

Kappatalize Fitness is different because…  because we Train Hard & Play Hard.  As soon as training starts we are focused on the routine, concentrating on form, breathing and muscle groups. The Play aspect evolved from attending sessions and getting to know the frequent boot campers even with us getting to together outside training.

Starting out, I didn’t think I was ‘Boot Camp’ ready.  It took a couple of months to realize that I am not competing with the person beside me, yet competing with the person I was yesterday.  This is my challenge and journey to a healthy lifestyle – rain, hail or shine

If you are after a full body workout, with an aspect of fun then I totally I recommend Kappatalize Fitness.

You have to try it at least once to understand what it’s all about.*

Shanti O’Toole
Sam Nixon

I started with Kappatalize because I was sick of the Gym and not sticking to a consistent routine. I have now been training with Helen for over 2 years.

When I first started, I was looking for a lifestyle change. I was impressed with Kappatalize fitness as its not just group exercise in the park, it’s the whole package.

Not only do you get hints and tips on what to eat and when, you are provided guidance on how to exercise correctly to avoid injury and support any existing injuries you may have. I didn’t expect to ever say that I am addicted to fitness but I am!

Highly recommend joining Kappatalize fitness! Hope to see you there!*

Sam Nixon
Janelle Lazos

When I first started I was looking for something different… I wanted to lose 5 kilos, build strength and be inspired. I found that group outdoor training is definitely for me.

What I love about Kappatalize Fitness is Helens knowledge and her passion to get me moving, treat myself better… this has helped with my confidence. I also love the fact that Kappatalize Fitness provides teens programs and you can bring along your kids too! It means that my whole family and I get to spend time together working out.

What I find is different about Kappatalize Fitness is that because its an outdoor program and the workouts are constantly changing, there is variety, constant challenges to push yourself and there are no limits… I also enjoy the fact that I am surrounded by like minded people of all walks of life.

Whilst I have had a few hiccups along the way with my fitness and wellness goals, I have always been drawn back to Helen @ Kappatalize Fitness knowing that I will get back on track.

If you are looking for a fun, inclusive outdoor fitness group in the St George area Kappatalize Fitness is definitely worth a go – its addictive, fun and my whole family is involved allowing me to teach my kids about how good it feels to when you choose to live a healthier lifestyle.*

Janelle LazosBrighton Le Sands

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