Class Timetable


06:00M.R.T. Fire Up 40 (5.55am start)Release your Inner Beast*
18:45M.R.T (6WP only)Release Your Inner Beast * (6WP Only)


06:00Release Your Inner Beast *Bootcamp *


07:30Saturday Specials / Bootcamp *

* Refers to sessions where under 15 year old members children may attend with adult supervision.

Class Descriptions

Kappas Camp

Kappas Camp is our signature bootcamp stle class that provides for an intense boot camp style class using all types of fitness equipment. Our Bootcamp sessions are inspired by military style training and incorporate high low impact movements, plyometrics, a range of fitness equipment. Seeing as we train outdoors, we also use the environment as our gym! Set your goals and be challenged physically and mentally – these sessions are suitable for all fitness levels. Prepare for a sweat and pushing your barriers.

Fire Up 40

Fire Up 40  is a 40 minute metabolic strength and conditioning fitness class that focuses on a super smash round of body overhauling non-stop training to increase strength, power, endurance, flexibility  and total body conditioning through a whole body workout up for a sweat? 

MCT – Metabolic Conditioning Training (MetCon)

MCT class will is for more advanced fitness junkies that want to be challenged with killer sets through more advanced exercises and little rest –  want to be challenged, sweat and feel good this is the session for you. Beginners welcome to come along to this class as well – work at your own pace!  

MRT – Metabolic Resistance Training

Our MRT classes are for those that want to incorporate maximum effort, smash fat, crush calories and boost your bodys ability to build muscle and lose weight. Designed to keep you highly energized, we keep it interesting with shorter rep sessions and minimal rest!   

Release Your Inner Beast

Release the inner beast from within with this high intensity non contact session. Utilising boxing and kick boxing drills, we use pads, kick pads, ropes and bodyweight exercises to get a full body workout  We also focus on technique and boxing skills development. Build your punching power, cardio fitness, coordination and smash out the calories with this super energetic class.  

Saturday Specials

Our Saturday special programs are a mixture of 5 – 7 week programs where anything goes. We mix it up with Bootcamp Style training that will incorporate Spartan and Warrior Programs, Run Clubs, Beach Obstacle Courses, Stair and Sand Dunes to give you a full hour of challenging workouts.  

28 Day Challenges

28 Day Nutrition, Body and Mindset transformation challenges and competitions are held throughout each month not only to set your fitness and weight loss targets, however to keep you focused on your body, mind and soul. We also connect with each other for some team based fun and accountability.   

Core Fusion Shred

Core Fusion is a lower impact class that utilises bands, balls, powerbands, mini bands, boards and suspension trainers for a total body resistance workout that develops strength, balance, flexibility and improves your centre of power. We also mix this session with tabata and interval training to shred fat through core based exercises.

Class Locations

Lady Robinson Beach, Dolls Point

We train at Lady Robison Beach, Dolls Point, Enter via Malua Ave Off Grand Parade (heading south)

Brighton Le Sands Beach

We train East of Hurricanes Restaurant on the beach at Brighton Le Sands, near Bay St.

Olds Park, Penshurst

We train on the Peak Bowls side, Enter Via Holley Ave  Car Park (Off Stoney Creek Road)