If you want to lose at least 5 Kilos in 5 Weeks then our Body, Fitness and Weight Loss Transformation Challenge is for you!

We host these challenges throughout the year, or all year round through both our Group Outdoor Fitness Programs or a full Personalised  Online Program.

Whether your goals are to lose weight, to increase strength, to tone up, to learn better technique, to get fitter, to get some headspace – we can accommodate it all!

Our Body, Fitness and Weight Loss Transformation Programs are a great way to get started with changing your life.

They are multi focused on fitness, nutrition and wellness which all incorporates weight loss if this is one of your main goals.

We start with understanding your body, your health, and your mindset. We give you health and fitness assessments to get you started.

You get access to all of our group outdoor fitness classes, fatburn classes, or if you are out of area, we provide a personalised online fitness program that you access through our mobile app.

We also provide you with a nutrition program that is natural and fits in with your lifestyle, nourishing recipes that you can follow.

We follow this through with mindset work, setting goals, understanding how to take care of yourself and making yourself a priority through our online program.

We work with you individually to ensure that you get the fitness, body and mindset results that you want.