Nutrition Coaching, Health and Wellness Coaching

Through qualification in Life Coaching, Nutrition, Health, Wellness and Food Coaching, I feel privileged to be supporting you through your journey to healthier eating habits and a better lifestyle.

As a wellness coach, my role is to support you in creating weight loss or weight gain plans, flexible nutritional plans, setting up goals and working out what best suits your lifestyle.

I focus on facilitating and supporting you to make the best choices you can through an integrated holistic approach to health and well being. The focus is not only nutrition and exercise programs, however we consider all aspects of your life including career, relationships and any other facts that affect your well being. We work on your physical and mental well being through mind set work.

As a wellness coach, my role is to support you and hold you to account to make lasting life changes that will motivate and inspire you to continue to develop your best self.

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Kickstart Package – 4 week program*

$35 per week (fitness members)

$50 per week (non-fitness members) 

Package Includes

  • 30 minute weekly coaching session in person, over Skype / phone
  • 60 minute Initial Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment
  • Comprehensive Body Measurements and Weigh In (current fitness members)
  • Body Measurements and Weigh In with pictures (non-fitness members)
  • Calorie and nutritional goals developed just for you along with an analysis of your current eating patterns.
  • Weekly online food log review and emails
  • Weekly document detailing your specific health and wellness goals.
  • Loads of recipes and materials packed with information to help you succeed.