12 Week Program

Casual Program

Teens Program

Wanting to increase your fitness levels, lead a healthier lifestyle, manage your weight or want some time out to focus on yourself whilst you are keeping fit?

Our philosophy is that working out and exercising should be fun and a part of your life – therefore our focus is on motivating you to invest in your health and develop your best self.

Our sessions are designed to help you de-stress, re-energise, and keep fit whilst you are taking some time out from you busy life for yourself.

Our sessions provide a fun, enriching environment where you can meet like minded people, be supported through your goals and build on your strengths to help you overcome any mindsets that are limiting you from reaching your goals.

The sessions combine both body strength and conditioning movements in an outdoor flexible and encouraging environment. We incorporate elements of the outdoor environment in all its beauty into our sessions and enjoy fresh air whilst we train.

Our qualified trainers provide for a flexible, encouraging and open environment. Each training session is challenging, energetic and designed you to help you develop your best self. To keep you engaged and motivated, no two sessions are the same – we pride ourselves as trainers on delivery fun and innovative sessions to keep you energised.

We design our sessions to cater for all types of individuals and their strengths and provide for flexibility in our approach – we will work with you to get you to perform at your best at each session.

Check out all classes and descriptions @ Kappas Fit Bodies – Class Sessions

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