It is known that Physical activity  plays a major part of developing and sustaining  a healthy body weight. Physical activity also have substantial benefits to aid kids and teens with building self confidence, increase mental alertness and motor skills, focus, and social interaction.

Many children and teens are not spending much time engaging in physical activity, especially during and after school – with 40% of children missing on outside school activities. Currently there are 1.5 million young children under the age of 18 who are either overweight or obese in Australia.*

Our Active After School, Vacation Care and and Teens Fitness and High School Programs  are run by instructors that are have received special qualifications (including Mini Moves and Active After School Care Coach)  to work with kids and teens fitness and nutrition programs, and also possess Working With Children’s Checks.

Our instructors have specialised experience in designing unique programs for the following age groups:

  • 5 – 9 year olds , fully choreographed programs that help younger kids build coordination skills and confidence
  • 10 – 13 year old programs that incorporate older kids self defence, circuit, and bodyweight training
  • 14 + year olds programs that undertaken through our full timetable and modified to suit growing teens bodies

Our Sessions Include:


Our bootcamp program is one of our signature programs and we have adapted this program to suit Kids and Teens. The program  combines strength and cardiovascular drills drills designed to improve strength and fitnessbut more importantly to make exercise an enjoyable experience. Our programs are also specially designed to suit the size of your group.

Release your Inner Beast

Teens Boxfit

A fun mix of boxing and kickboxing is a great way to boost kids and teens energy, confidence, self-control, motivation and focus. Our Release the Inner Beast sessions are non contact and a great fun way to help kids and teens expend energy in a controlled environment.

Obstacle Courses ands Drills

This program promotes  coordination and team skills through design of various obstacle courses using fun equipment. These obstacle courses and drills are designed specifically to meet the needs of your program co-ordination, increased fitness levels, team work, spatial awareness and strength.

Core Strength

These sessions utilise resistance kit including bands, balls and tubes to promote the development of strength, flexibility and balance which is a great way to focus the minds and bodies of teens and kids.

Nutrition Program

These sessions are focused on educating kids and teens on the benefits of lifestyle choices and healthier food options. We can develop a specialised workshop that includes making snacks and healthy juices and smoothies. 

Specialised Circuits

We can design any circuits using a range of fitness gear to suit your program needs.  We can provide one – off or ongoing sessions.

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